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“permission denied” when access shared folder

Adding yourself to the “vboxsf” group within the guest VM sudo usermod -a -G vboxsf [USERNAME] Reboot the VM otherwise it will not work!!

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VirtualBox looks ugly

Create a launcher for VBOX with this startcommand VirtualBox -style Fusion %U ou can also try:VirtualBox -style qt5ct-style %U VirtualBox -style cleanlooks %U VirtualBox -style cde %U VirtualBox -style motif %U VirtualBox -style plastique %U VirtualBox -style Windows %U

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VirtualBox RET bleed warning Spectre V2

Execute in terminal: VBoxManage modifyvm “NameOfTheVM” – -spec-ctrl on Example: VBoxManage modifyvm “Debian11” – -spec-ctrl on (two stripes before spec) now start the VM and you will see the notification has disappeared.

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