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Go to www.privateinternetaccess.com and download the file openvpn-ip.zip from there.

Unpack this and place the files ca.crt and crl.pem in the /etc/openvpn folder (note this must be done with root access)

Start the network manager (the icon in the top bar) and choose network settings there.

Click on the plus to create a new connection.

Give the connection a name of your own.

I do : PIA_NL (is from private internet access the NL server)

Enter the gateway: nl.privateinternetaccess.com

Under type, choose password.

Enter user: [user]

Fill in password : [password].

Point to the file ca.crt (via computer) and then to the directory /etc/openvpn.

Click on Advanced. Choose LZO compression.

Save this.

Now you can connect via openvpn.